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Take a Virtual Trip to an Exoplanet with Nasa's new Travel Bureau


If you wanna take a trip to outside our solar system or it is your wish to visit new planets then it's time to complete your wish. Forget about mars, Now you can travel beyond our solar system and see many new things or you can say the alien's world. Because Nasa brings something for you. 

Not physically, But virtually, It lets you travel to new planets much, much further away.

Nasa adds a new feature to its site is Exoplanet Travel Bureau. So you can take a virtual trip to the imagined surfaces of planets beyond our solar system or visit places where no man has gone before. 

you can journey through the cosmos and imagine what it might be like to stand on the surface of an alien planet. The website offers exoplanets — planets that are outside of our solar system — within reach with the help of VR. 

how it works:

Accompanied by cool retro-style travel posters, there are three planets to visit, with more on the way. You can "click to explore the galaxy" and choose between different planets beyond our solar system. Once you've found a planet you want to visit... You can click to explore the surface and explore a 360-degree rendition of each.

These aren’t actual images of each planet, but instead, the artistic conceptions are based on observations from the Kepler Space Telescope. You can take a trip to the neon-soaked sights of Trappist-1e, the surface of Kepler-186f and admire the peaks of Kepler-16b. Each surface has annotations explaining various features.

In a blog post, NASA scientist Martin Still said,"Because Kepler-186f and the majority of Kepler-discovered planets are so distant, it is currently impossible to detect their atmospheres — if they exist at all — or characterize their atmospheric properties”.

“Consequently, we have limited knowledge about what these distant worlds are really like, but these surface visualizations allow us to imagine some of the possibilities,” he added. “Current and future NASA missions, including TESS and the James Webb Space Telescope, will find the nearest exoplanets to our solar system and characterize their atmospheres, bridging the gap between speculation and what’s really out there.”

The 360-degree visualizations are compatible with desktop or mobile devices, as well as virtual reality headsets. So, you can take a trip to these new worlds. 
You can also peruse travelposters of such distant worlds as Kepler 186f; TRAPPIST-1e, or PSO J318.5-22, where the "nightlife never ends" because the planet doesn't orbit a star, but is instead floating freely through space. 

The Exoplanet Travel Bureau was developed by NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program communications team and program chief scientists. Based at the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, which is a division of Caltech.

Some of us have wish to visit these exoplanets, Some of us will be lucky to see humans landing on Mars in our lifetime, but we’re far, far off from coming into contact with these exoplanets, so it's a great step by Nasa to bring Exoplanet Travel Bureau.

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