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Kat Walk Mini Pre-orders Start at Price $1499

Kat Walk Mini
Source: KatVR
The company is known for their successful Kickstarter and release of the KAT Walk. China-based company KAT VR has announced a new product in the form of the KAT Walk Mini, a smaller omni-directional treadmill designed for use with virtual reality (VR) titles.

One week after telling fans that its latest, smallest model would be affordable for “the average consumer”,  the company published pre-order prices on the Kat VR website, with the lowest early bird discount of 50%, the minimum price is $1499 ahead of a regular price of $2,999.

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Now, the company has published a pre-order price list on their website and prices jump every week by $200 to $500 until the $2,999 price is reached:
Kat Walk Mini
Source: KatVR
The Kickstarter campaign for the KAT Walk was successful in raising over $150,000 (USD) back in 2015 and now the company aims to do the same again with the KAT Walk Mini. 

Kat Walk Mini is designed to be smaller than the Kat Walk and features a number of design changes including a more responsive foot tracking, a redesigned guide bar system that pivots in place as you turn your body to face the desired direction, new laser sensor array for lower latency and a “high strain shock-absorbing material” in the treadmill’s base. Using low-friction shoes, the system allows you to simulate walking, and even sit down, which featured in below video:

Preorders for the accessory open today, April 13. Interested customers are now urged to contact the company’s sales team for pre-order instructions.

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